Joyner Lucas Thanks Eminem, Logic, Chris Brown, Rihanna & More

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Joyner Lucas takes the time to pen a lengthy dedication to everyone who has supported him, a list that includes Eminem, Logic, and more.

Joyner Lucas has never been one to hold back his admiration for his fellow artist, and following the release of his brand new Evolution project, the rapper took it upon himself to share some kind words to some of his biggest inspirations. On his official Facebook page, Lucas penned a lengthy thank-you message, the likes of which might have once been found within the album’s liner notes. And though liner notes have largely become a thing of the past — unfortunately, as perusing them was a highlight of the CD era — Joyner appears ready and willing to keep the tradition alive.

Joyner Lucas Evolution

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“Big thank you to my bro Chris Brown for being the first super star to embrace me and put me on tour,” he writes. “Our relationship goes beyond music. Pause. Big thank you to Rihanna for being a good ear and great friend & also guiding me with information that has helped me. U made me try caviar for the first time in london.” He proceeds to thank both Billie Eilish and Snoop Dogg, whom he deems an “uncle figure,” before turning to some of his biggest collaborators so far — Eminem and Logic, with whom he worked on “Lucky You” and “Isis” (which recently went platinum) respectively.

“Thank you to Eminem for letting me be apart of history and embracing me as well,” he pens. “Thank you for always mentioning me as one of your favorites as you are mine. Thank you to the homie Logic for always checking in on me and always giving me advice and being a bro. We had our differences but now we closer than ever.” Among others, Joyner makes sure to include Royce Da 5’9, T.I, Boi-1da, Ty Dolla $ign, Ashanti, Will Smith, Monica, and more. For those interested in catching Joyner’s message, be sure to check it out over at his official Facebook page.

Are you still bumping Joyner’s new Evolution project?

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