Benny The Butcher Reflects On Being A “Nerd” In School

During a Sway In The Morning convo, Benny The Butcher fondly reminisces about his school days, revealing his heritage as a proud “nerd.”

Benny The Butcher is still reeling from the success of Burden Of Proofan album that has been earning praise as an album of the year contender. Today, the Griselda lyricist hit up Sway In The Morning to chop it up with the gang, opening up about some of his influences — both on the lyrical level and beyond.
Benny The Butcher

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“Definitely Rakim,” reveals Benny. “Nas. Jay. But early? I remember getting it from Westside Gunn — a Father MC tape — I remember me getting that tape and liking his delivery. It kinda reminded me of Big Daddy Kane. He was very influential to me. I don’t hear many people mention that name, but Father MC, man. I remember that tape.”

And while much has been rightly celebrated about Benny’s prowess as a lyricist, The Butcher reveals that his pen game extends beyond the world of hip-hop. Taking things back to the school years, he reveals that he was quite the academic in actuality, taking pride in his good grades and literary prowess. “I definitely read a lot in school, and even more in prison,” he reflects. “I always was good, even in my times of being bad as hell in school. I always used to get good grades in school period. Especially English, writing, and literature. I’m a good essay writer, I know how to write. I was just good at it.”

He proceeds to share a memory of a parent-teacher conference he attended with his aunt, where he believed some of his misbehavior would be the focal point. “My literature teacher told her he’s a joy to have in my class,” reflects Benny. “I love to pick him to read.’ I remember her telling my aunt ‘I wish I could have him read the whole book, but I be having to give other students the chance to read.’ I was like, ‘oh shit, I’m not as bad as I thought, I’m really a nerd in this muthafucka!

“You probably the King of the Nerds if you a nerd,” marvels Sway, sparking a laugh from the gang. Clearly, the encouragement from a good teacher can have a lasting impression on somebody, and it’s nice to see that Benny The Butcher still takes pride in his academic achievements. Check out the full interview below (nerd talk transpires near the conclusion), and be sure to catch up with our own interview with The Butcher right here.

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