New & Hottest Songs – November 2020 – Pt.4

WIzKid & Burna Boy Drop Off “Ginger”



Something to move your hips to.

WizKid wanted to release a project as an ode to his home, so he came through with the album Made In Lagos this past week. The African vibes on this one are too strong to resist. You will find yourself dancing and singing along to the infectious tunes, none more so than “Ginger” featuring Burna Boy. The two top cross over talents from the continent team up to create a sensual hip-moving groove.

A sexy guitar and mystical synths lay the background down on this beat. The result is an instrumental that is both sensual and fun, forcing your body to move with it whether you want to or not. Both artists sing to a woman they would love to seduce in their verses, making this a perfect track to throw on for the ladies.

Quotable Lyrics
Make I touch your body
Make I rub, make I love, make I rub
Make I touch up pon it
Make I rub around it
Say like a lotion
Imma rub imma rub
Imma rub upon it
Like fine wine, say you sweet when you whine it

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