Cardi B Channels The Power Of Medusa In Sultry Halloween Costume

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Don’t look into her eyes.

Halloween is here, which means all of your favorite celebrities are taking to social media to flex their top tier level makeup and design teams. Cardi B did provide the world with a gorgeous rendition of Poison Ivy last year, and in 2020 she takes it up a notch to capture the energy of another femme fatale.

Cardi B found a way to transform herself into Medusa, the formidable Greek gorgon that turns men to stone with one look in her eyes. Half serpent, half woman, Medusa is not to be played with. Cardi recreated the snake-filled hair with what looks like a mix of tiny moldings of serpents and special effects. Her torso and hips are clad in a golden bikini reminiscent of Princess Leia in The Return Of The Jedi. However, her thighs and legs are wrapped around a dress that becomes a snake’s tail with the help of some special effects and careful lighting. The entire ensemble looks amazing. Cardi is laid out on a red platform that looks like it’s made from blood. Is this one of the best celebrity costumes you have seen this year or nah? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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