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Busta Rhymes Honors Ol’ Dirty Bastard With The “Slow Flow”

2020 The Conglomerate Entertainment

2020 The Conglomerate Entertainment

Busta Rhymes honors the memory of Ol’ Dirty Bastard on “Slow Flow,” a rapping clinic that showcases his versatility.

At the stroke of midnight, Busta Rhymes delivered his anticipated album Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of Goda sequel to his acclaimed and apocalyptic third album. In the moments leading up to its release, Busta appeared to be experiencing a genuine emotional catharsis, a testament to the significance the project holds. And if early responses are any indication, the fans have immediately embraced the ambitious ELE2, which proudly embraces some of the game’s enduring veterans — dead or alive.

Case in point, Busta made sure to honor the Wu-Tang’s fallen with the inclusion of Ol’ Dirty Bastard on “Slow Flow,” a highlight calling back to the days of Genesis and It Ain’t Safe No More. Over some bouncy production from longtime collaborator Nottz, Busta sets the tone with some ODB hype-inducing vocals before proceeding to put on a clinic in rhyme. Though some surface-level fans have come to associate Bus-a-Bus with his chopper flow, his versatility remains one of his strongest suits — case in point, the way he bodies his pockets throughout this early-album standout.

Check out the union between Wu-Tang and the Flipmode Squad right now, and sound off in the comments if you’ve been enjoying the Extinction Level Event 2 experience.


Pivotal moments, shit get critical haters
See what I make the DJ do to the fader, rest in peace to Roc Raida
Body ni**as now or later, traumatically major
Dramatically cater to niggas that want it and eat it
And live it and fart it just to open they vein and bleed it
I superseded the situation every time it’s hard to defeat it

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