Nick Jonas Subtly Shades Drake With “Curse” Mention In Conspiracy Theory

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The singer suggests that unlike Drake, the Jonas Brothers are a “blessing” to sports teams.

Are the Jonas Brothers a lucky charm? Nick Jonas believes so, and while explaining his new conspiracy theory, he may have shaded Drake in the process. By this point, many of us have heard of the dreaded “Drake Curse” that many people have subscribed to, often teasing the OVO mogul about being a token of bad luck. Some have claimed that when Drake takes photos with sports stars or attends games, those teams he’s rooting for end up losing. Nick Jonas recently stated that the Jons Brothers have the same sort of effect on people, but with a different result.“The Dodgers won the World Series last night, and yet, no one is talking about the very, very obvious theme here,” Jonas began. He then stated that Patrick Mahomes attended a Jonas Brothers concert and later the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Cody Bellinger from the Dodgers went to a show and they won the World Series, and Lewis Hamilton was spotted at a concert in Paris and won the Grand Prix.

“The key to success is to come to a Jonas Brothers show. It’s basically the reverse of a Drake Curse, let’s call it the Jonas Blessing.” Check out his video below.

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