Ghostface Killah & Raekwon Killed It On “260”

1996 Sony Music Entertainment

1996 Sony Music Entertainment

Twenty-four years ago, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon penned a murderous tale on the classic “Ironman” duet “260.”

It goes without saying that Ghostface Killah is a legend, boasting one of the most prolific discographies in the entire rap game — one that’s set to expand with the upcoming release of Supreme Clientele 2, currently in the works. In honor of Ghost’s enduring legacy, it feels appropriate to look back to where it all began. On October 29th, 1996, Ghostface Killah released his official solo debut Ironman, a project produced entirely by the RZA and featuring a prominent presence from both Raekwon and Cappadonna.

Though there are plenty of iconic cuts to highlight, it’s hard not to gravitate immediately to a straightforward duet with Raekwon, one of which lands on “260.” Over a grimy and minimalist instrumental from The RZA, Ghost kicks things off with a rugged storytelling verse, his imagery leaping off the page. “But on the low I heard he got Born Original sent,” he spits, as the plot thickens. “Back in a drive-through Kentucky Fried shot up his Ac / we got to get him dunn, aliens is snatching our bread.” Raekwon tags in seamlessly, bringing mafioso panache to the mix. “Two hours later, scheming like DeNiro in Casino,” he raps. “Son better have more coke than Al Pacino.”

For those who appreciate Ghost and Raekwon kicking murderous tales like only they can, be sure to revist “260” on the twenty-fourth anniversary of Ironman. 


You ready, you got the E&J and the machete?
We going upstairs, I hope one ni**a is heavy
We walked in, both of us, looked like terrorists
Masks on, second floor, dun yo, I handle this
Kick in the crib, the whole shit looked graphical
Natural, fucking a white bitch, actual
Fiends chanting, “Do your thing Chef, handle it”
I shot him in the neck, it ricocheted and hit Carolyn

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