Rapsody Reacts To “Lyricist Of The Year” Win With T.I’s Help

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Be sure to check out Rapsody’s big victory following her “Lyricist Of The Year” win, which found her celebrating with T.I, DC Young Fly, and more.

During last night’s BET Award Ceremony, Rapsody took home the prestigious Lyricist Of The Year Award, beating out fellow nominees DrakeJ. ColeMegan Thee StallionDaBaby, and Big Sean. And while few were surprised to see the elite Eve rapper secure the prize, Rapsody herself appeared both humbled and flattered by the decision. As it happens, fans were able to catch her reaction in real-time after T.I. arranged a clever surprise for the emcee, one that found him delivering the good news in person after duping Rapsody into thinking she was coming for a cypher.

Rapsody BET Award

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Alongside DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean, Tip brought an amusing dose of extra theatricality to his rendition of the verdict, teasing Rapsody with a downtrodden face prior to hitting her with the bombshell. Upon learning of her victory, Rapsody rose in shock, proudly declaring the reality of her situation: “I won a BET Award?!?! I thought I came here to do a cypher!”

“If you still want to rap, you can!” laughs Tip, handing her the trophy while her ecstatic celebration continues. “This my first award for anything,” declares Rapsody. “I ain’t gon’ cry cause I’m tough. But I’ma tell you, I’m happy that it’s from BET. Cause it means something that it’s from a black network. And it’s for lyricist of the year — the women don’t always get represented for that. I’m happy that ya’ll gave it to me cause this is family. Thank God! To all the women emcees, spittas that came before me — Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Foxy Brown, Missy ElliottJean Grae, we go on and on!”

Check out the wholesome reaction below, and be sure to show some love to Rapsody for her big victory. In case you needed a reminder of how she gets down on the mic, check out her impressive showcase on this Funkmaster Flex freestyle right here.

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