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Queen Naija & Mulatto Refuse To Be “Bitter” On New Single

Queen Naija/Capitol Records

Queen Naija/Capitol Records

The timing of Queen Naija’s new single “Bitter”, featuring Mulatto, couldn’t have been better.

This week, Chris Sails jumped back into the picture and trolled his ex-wife, Queen Naija, over her new relationship with Clarence White. He attacked Clarence for his height, saying that his son is nearly as tall as him.

As you can expect, both Clarence and Queen Naija had responses for him, calling him out on social media and labeling him “bitter”.

Perhaps the use of that word was strategic because, only several hours have passed and, already, Queen has a new single out called “Bitter”.

With an album due out this week, Queen has officially teamed up with buzzing rapper Mulatto for the new song. The track goes on to discuss how, for Queen, the cake is “too good to be bitter”. The whole song can be seen as somewhat of a dig against Chris Sails, who can’t seem to get past his relationship with the singer.

Stay tuned for missunderstood, the new album from Queen Naija, on October 30.

Quotable Lyrics:

Let him hit the Latto, he a winner
Eat me up for dinner
And I got that WAP, I hope he a good swimmer
Can’t go big on me, I go bigger
An independent b*tch, an insecure n***a triggered

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