No, he wasn’t the person who inspired the “Toosie Slide” but he surely benefitted from it. Toosii has been one of the brightest young stars to emerge in recent times and it’s looking like things are already in play for bigger moves in the coming year. Fresh off of the release of his latest project Poetic Pain,DaBaby referred to Toosii as one of the hottest emerging artists in the game right now.

DaBaby and his manager Arnold Taylor sat down at REVOLT Summit this past weekend they went deep on their history, their approach to the industry, and what the rapper has in store next. Though he’s only two years in the game, if not less, DaBaby’s learned lessons through trial and tribulation and is passing those gems on to the next generation. 

“I know, at the point Toosii is now, I even chime in with him on and off on my own. On my own time just to remind him like, ‘Aye, stay right there in that mode that you in’ or go even crazier ’cause I know who he’s dealin’ with,” DaBaby said. “He’s the hottest new artist in the world, you know what I mean, right now… Definitely the hottest new emerging artist fasho.”

Toosii is also a North Carolina native signed to South Coast Music Group, the same label that signed DaBaby, making them labelmates. The Poetic Pain rapper previously revealed that DaBaby has offered him mentorship and guidance in the past.

“The night before I dropped my album, [DaBaby] sat in the hotel parking lot and listened to my whole album,” he said in a February interview. “Every time he see me, he be like, ‘Yo, keep like…’ You dig what I’m sayin’?” Though Toosii insists that he has to stand alone, DaBaby is sitting in his corner rooting him on.

Is Toosii the next rapper to look out for? Peep the entire conversation below.