The Firm Tapped Dr. Dre For Mafioso Banger “Firm Fiasco”

1997 Aftermath Entertainment

1997 Aftermath Entertainment

Twenty-three years ago, Dr. Dre and The Firm conjured some classy mafioso rap on “Firm Fiasco.”

Today marks the twenty-third birthday of The Firm’s first and only album, appropriately titled The Album. And while it was hardly praised upon its initial release in 1997, the Dr. Dre produced mafioso record has since developed a bit of retroactive acclaim, with many having come to see the project in a new light. Of course, much has been made about “Phone Tap,” but The Album actually has more than a few highlights worth exploring, including the second track “Firm Fiasco.”

Also produced by Dre, who opts to slide gracefully into his criminology bag with a classy and slightly menacing instrumental, “Firm Fiasco” features verses from AZNas, and Foxy Brown. “Personally, I existed when Earth was in need, indeed, human life form transformed from light storms,” spits AZ, channeling some metaphysical energy. “Protons, electrons, neutrons, iced long / Nights long, reptilians, I’ll see y’all in the next millennium.” Foxy Brown makes sure to close things out on a decisive note, rapping “Whoever dare cross us, distort the thoughts across a bitch mind / Pops the nine, leave ’em restin’ in pieces, all my thorough bitches peep this.”

Happy anniversary to The Firm’s The Album, a release that — at the very least — deserves a second chance. Where do you stand on the oft-forgotten release?


Full clips for loose lips by this young ruthless
Suck the pearl tongue juices off your fly missus
Take her out to the Spark’s Steakhouse
Gentleman style, coincidental
Family’s here, meet femme fatale

– Nas

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