KXNG Crooked Narrows Down The Suspect That “Killed” Slaughterhouse

KXNG Crooked is still a fan of Slaughterhouse’s “My Life,” despite what anyone else thinks.

The rise of Slaughterhouse was an interesting moment at the top of the 2010s. In the midst of this “new school of rappers” emerging (i.e. Kendrick, Drake, Cole, etc.), a bunch of underground rappers formed a lyrical supergroup that only Shady could house fittingly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and their attempt to receive mainstream recognition marked the beginning of their downfall as a collective.

Earlier today, KXNG Crooked took to Twitter with a hot take to stir the pot up on Monday, sharing his unpopular opinion on the Slaughterhouse single, “My Life” ft. Cee-Lo Green. “Idc what y’all say “My life” by Slaughterhouse was a good song,” he tweeted. The reception to the tweet was split with die-hards riding for Crook’s verse while many more doubled down on how underwhelming the song was.

“I finally figured out who killed Slaughterhouse all them years ago. 6 suspects got narrowed down to 1.. Cold case solved.. “My Life” did it.. And I luv that guy,” he tweeted.

Crook reminded one fan that it was a fan-favorite at shows, even going as far as he prefers it over the Swizz Beatz-produced, “Throw It Away.”

“Some of the hardest rap songs ever contain the same sample that was flipped in Throw It Away so I felt we should’ve did something darker and more gutter than what was done but I’m always open to follow someone else’s lead because I could be wrong,” he explained about his disdain over the “Throw It Away. “I think I was right that time.”

Check out his tweets below.

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