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New & Hottest Songs – October 2020 – Pt.61

Russ Has His Assets “Paid Off” In New Single

Russ My Way

Russ My Way

The Atlanta rapper returns with an easygoing new single.

Russ last dropped in September, celebrating his birthday with the release of his pop oriented duet “Take You Back” with Kehlani, which he called “one of my favorite songs ever.”

The rapper returns with “Paid Off,” a new single that celebrates the virtues of a successful independent career.

Russ certainly seems to be hinting towards a more mainstream sound with his latest releases and from the sounds of the chuckles punctuating his flow on this one, he’s just having fun.

With Russ seemingly dropping something every month, it won’t be long before we hear from him again. In fact, he seemed to hint that he would be resurfacing with some bar-heavy content.

“Lemme get some heaters off then we gettin into the bars,” he wrote on the song’s YouTube page. “stay tuned in!! I got y’all 🙏🏼”

Quotable Lyrics

I need a driver with a suit, just to drop me off
I need a full-time freak, just to top me off
I need a couple million dollars every month, at least
I know we just got in a fight, can we fuck at least?
I got a girl, the whole world would love to jump out with
People followed us home, I pulled the gun out quick


New & Hottest Songs – October 2020 – Pt.60

Coi Leray Gets In Her “Rick Owens” Bag On New Single

1801 Records/Republic

1801 Records/Republic

The rapper switches it up for her latest offering.

Coi Leray has been making a name for herself as part of a new generation of female rappers and she continues to distinguish herself from the pack with her new single “Rick Owens.”

Leray became known for her gentle melodic vocals that lent itself well to collaborations with Gunna and Fetty Wap but with this new single, she swaps out her R&B-tinged flow for an aggressive bark.

Coi sounds like a demon on this one, rapping with conviction about individuals that owe her something and mess the money up and, of course, her Rick Owens.

She’s definitely showing signs of growth and versatility and proving again why she’s one of the more exciting new female talents in hip hop.

You can listen t “Rick Owens” below. Are you feeling Coi Leray’s switch up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Ice neck, wrist ocean
Dryer, fold, n****s scolded
We go up in this bitch and get lit like a stove
Call me up but just don’t drop it on my Rick Owens
Owens, Owens
Still a couple n****s that owe me
Ran it up and did it by my lonely
Diamonds dripping wet like a floaty


New & Hottest Songs – October 2020 – Pt.59

REASON & Rapsody Deliver A Wavy New Track In “I Can Make It”

Image via REASON

Image via REASON

REASON enlists Rapsody for this smooth cut on his project “New Beginnings.”

REASON has been impressing hip-hop fans for years now, and thanks to his status as a TDE roster member, fans have been anticipating some big things. Well, on Friday, REASON dropped off his highly-anticipated album New Beginnings which is already a big hit amongst fans, who have had great things to say about it. There are plenty of dope tracks here, including the song “I Can Make It” which features the likes of Rapsody.

In this song, both artists can be found spitting bars over a skeletal yet smooth beat. REASON and Rapsody’s lyrics on this track focus on believing in oneself while making sure to separate themselves from outside noise. There are also plenty of braggadocios bars as well, which helps add extra “oomph” to the song.

Give “I Can Make It” a spin and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

See, your hustle been all outta pocket, we been trending, no topic
A pro that’s fit for anything, put that together, I prop it
I profit dealing with some kings, so now they calling me prophet
Been on auto with this power, took that power and rocket


New & Hottest Songs – October 2020 – Pt.58

EarthGang’s WowGr8 Isn’t Playing Around With New “Bang Freestyle”


wowgr8 releases a wild freestyle that hints at problems with J. Cole.

EarthGang‘s wowgr8 (formerly known as Doctur Dot) inconspicuously dropped two solo tracks, following up on his promise to start a SoundCloud page on October 1.

The quiet release definitely went largely unnoticed, with less than 1500 combined plays for the two songs as of press time.

The more interesting of the two, however, is “Bang Freestyle.” The song is billed as a tribute to the late John Witherspoon and uses a screencap from his iconic “you win some, you lose some” speech from the movie Friday as its album cover.

wowgr8 comes out swinging, oozing charisma over a bombastic funk-inspired beat: “my n**** if i’ma die, i’ma go out with a bang.”

Only five bars deep and less than thirty seconds into the song, the EarthGang rapper cuts out the beat to emphasize his next bar: “Cole tried to do me like Hov did to Ye.”

Just as quickly as he drops that bar, though, he moves on, leaving fans wondering what he really meant with that line. The rapper has promised to continue posting unreleased Spillage Village tracks and other loosies on his SoundCloud, so we’ll just have to wait and see if he goes deeper in a future release.

Still, “Bang Freestyle” is everything you’ve come to know and love from EarthGang and a formidable solo effort with plenty of bars and style to match.

You can listen to “Bang Freestyle” below and the other solo release – “Love to See It” – on wowgr8’s SoundCloud page.

What are your thoughts on the EarthGang rapper’s latest effort?

Quotable Lyrics

Please don’t judge if you f*ck for no pay
Please don’t judge if you think that’s okay
Slob on my knob ASAP, Juicy J
wowgr8, Kirk Knight hit me when you in the A