New & Hottest Songs – September 2020 – Pt.27

Matea Links With Kaytranada & Buddy For “Teen Scene”

2020 Maestra's World

2020 Maestra’s World

Kaytranada continues to flex his golden touch with Maeta’s new single, the Buddy-assisted “Teen Scene.”

Haitian-Canadian producer Kaytranada has been steadily holding it down with a consistent musical output, his craftsmanship evident with every new release. Today, he provides the backbone for a brand new single from Maeta, a rising young vocalist out of Indianapolis. On “Teen Scene,” Kaytra’s foundation is a minimalist one to start, a blend of faint vocals and a non-invasive groove. Maeta’s smooth vocals shine as she slides effortlessly into falsetto, reflecting on her days coming of age with a newfound perspective.”I grew up in housing trucks, felt like Summer when all the kids were out,” she sings. “Not old enough to light up yet, still did behind the house.” The nostalgic subject matter takes a left turn once Buddy enters the fold, his mind entirely set on the present. “Baby on my mind but I’m always on a mission,” he raps, catching a tight pocket on Kaytra’s groove. “Tryna get another six figures, girl you know you love me, just admit it.” For those who can appreciate something a little outside the box, the low-key yet upbeat new single from Maeta, Buddy, and Kaytranada should be a welcome surprise.


I grew up in housing trucks
Felt like Summer when all the kids were out
Not old enough to light up yet
Still did behind the house

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