New & Hottest Songs – September 2020 – Pt.23

Jac Ross, D Smoke, & Buddy Wish For A Better Future On “It’s OK To Be Black 2.0”

Image via Jac Ross

Image via Jac Ross

Jac Ross, D Smoke & Buddy speak about the state of the world and a better tomorrow on “It’s OK To Be Black 2.0.”

Throughout the last few months, millions of people across the United States have been fighting for racial equality. Countless police shootings against black people have been documented in the media and many are fed up, and taking a stand. About seven months ago, artist Jac Ross documented the struggles of being black in America with the song “It’s OK To Be Black.” It’s a gorgeous song that is meant to uplift people and remind them that black is beautiful.

Now, Jac Ross, D Smoke, & Buddy have teamed up for a remix of the song, called “It’s OK To Be Black 2.0.” Both Buddy and D Smoke offer up empowering verses that speak to our current situation in North America. It’s a track that is perfect for this moment as is a definite must-listen.

You can stream it, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Lookin’ at this generation feelin’ hopeless
Lookin’ cross my shoulder, keep my eyes open
Keep my mind focus, ain’t no hocus-pocus
‘Cause when it’s all said and done, they will all know us
Tryna bring us down, keep us at our lowest
You thought you broke us, ha-ha, but you woke us

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