Ludacris, Nas, & Doug E. Fresh Held It Down For The “Virgo”

2004 Island Def Jam

2004 Island Def Jam

Ludacris, Nas, and Doug E. Fresh spit game on “Virgo,” an old-school inspired cut from three hip-hop icons.

While it’s not entirely uncommon to see Nas hailed among hip-hop’s great, it’s far less likely to see Ludacris‘ name tossed into the hat. Given the scope of his impressive discography, which includes no shortage of classic hits and fantastic quotables, it’s honestly surprising how little love Luda gets in the greater hip-hop discourse. And yet the proof is abundantly clear. There isn’t’ a legend in the game who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to trade bars with Ludacris — case in point, the refreshingly old-school collaboration “Virgo,” featuring Nas and Doug E. Fresh.

Originally included as part of Nas’ Street Disciple, “Virgo” found a second home on Luda’s own Red Light District album. Given the pedigree involved, it’s no wonder both parties wanted a piece of the old-school banger. Over beatbox-driven production from Salaam Remi, Nas kicks things off with a breezy flow, reminiscing on a particularly successful rendezvous with a lady friend. Ludacris matches the vibe in the second verse, lining his own encounter with plenty of old-school soul and x-rated mischeif. “While I’m laid back, chillin’ in my b-boy stance,” he raps. “Could be a little pop lockin’ if your girl’s top droppin’ / But watch for cockblockin’ on my coochie stock options.”

In honor of Doug E. Fresh’s 54th birthday, revisit “Virgo” right here — does anyone have any fond memories built around this track?


While I’m laid back, chillin’ in my b-boy stance
Could be a little pop lockin’ if your girl’s top droppin’
But watch for cockblockin’ on my coochie stock options


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Logic Co-Signs Kanye West, Complains That Def Jam Won’t Pay Lil Wayne For Feature

The rapper tweeted that he has a remix ready to be released but his label, which is owned by UMG, won’t pay Weezy.

It looks like Kanye West isn’t the only artist looking to air out their grievances with their label. Despite being shunned by Twitter for sharing the personal information of a Forbes journalist, Kanye West has received support from his fellow artists as it pertains to his contract complaints against Universal Music Group and Sony Music. Trippie Redd shared a video saying that he agrees with everything the Yeezy mogul has been saying in his tweets and now Logic is co-signing West’s concerns, as well.

Logic, Kanye West, Def Jam, Universal Music Group
Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

Earlier today, Ye tweeted, “90% of the record contracts on the planet are still on a royalty A standard record deal is a trap to NEVER have you recoup, and there’s all these hidden costs like the ‘distribution fees’ many labels put in their contracts to make even more money off our work without even trying.” Logic retweeted this message and added that he had plans to release a remix to “Perfect,” a track on his final album No Pressure, but his label, Def Jam, isn’t trying to cough up the cash to pay Lil Wayne for the feature. Def Jam’s parent company is Universal Music Group.

“I feel you, Def Jam ain’t tryin a pay @LilTunechi his fee so I guess the perfect remix aint coming out,” Logic wrote. “Owe a few of my folks they money honestly.” We’ll just have to wait and see if this one ever hits streaming services.


Alicia Keys Shares “ALICIA” Tracklist Ft. Jill Scott, Tierra Whack, Snoh Aalegra, Miguel

The singer’s seventh studio album drops this Friday (Sept. 18).

We’re days away from receiving Alicia Keys’s self-titled album, so it’s only fitting that the celebrated singer shares the tracklist to her project. The world was set to receive ALICIA earlier this year, but after we were hit with a global pandemic, the project was delayed along with many others. As time moved forward, it was unclear when and if ALICIA would arrive in 2020, but Alicia Keys continued to share new music from the unreleased album, leaving many hopeful of its arrival.

Alicia Keys, Alicia Album, Tracklist
Terry Wyatt / Stringer / Getty Images

On Friday (September 18), ALICIA will finally hit streaming services and today (September 16), Keys revealed that the record will have 15 tracks with a handful of impressive additions. We’ve already received singles including “Love Looks Better” and “So Done” featuring Khalid, but Keys is mixing things up as far as her features are concerned. Expect to hear Sampha, Diamond Platnumz, Snoh Aalegra, Tierra Whack, Miguel, Khalid, and Jill Scott on the singer’s seventh studio album.

Fans can also expect news of Keys’s rescheduled tour dates sometime soon, as she derailed those plans because of the pandemic, as well. Earlier this year, a press released described the tour as “a special multi-media, artistic experience… A mediation on love and life, the show will be a true celebration, filled with magnetic energy that only live music can create.” Check out the tracklist below and let us know if you’re looking forward to hearing ALICIA.


1. Truth Without Love ⁣
2. Time Machine ⁣
3. Authors of Forever ⁣
4. Wasted Energy Ft. Diamond Paltnumz⁣
5. Underdog ⁣
6. 3 Hour Drive Ft. Sampha
7. Me x 7 Ft. Tierra Whack⁣
8. Show Me Love Ft. Miguel⁣
9. So Done Ft. Khalid⁣
10. Gramercy Park ⁣
11. Love Looks Better ⁣
12. You Save Me Ft. Snoh Aalegra⁣
13. Jill Scott Ft. Jill Scott⁣
14. Perfect Way To Die ⁣
15. Good Job



Big Sean Thought Spending All Day In The Studio Meant He Would Be Successful

The rapper talked about realizing that he had to work smarter, not harder, when it came to making music.

With his third consecutive No. 1 album under his belt, Big Sean has much to celebrate. He took his time in crafting Detroit 2 and it was well worth the wait. Not only were there features from his fellow rap and hip hop artists, but there were appearances by the likes of Dave Chappelle and Stevie Wonder. The introspective rapper poured his heart out on the project, and he recently sat down with Jen DeLeon to discuss his latest record while also touching on the topic of developing his work ethic. Throughout Detroit 2, Big Sean spoke a lot about his grind, and he revealed that one problem he had to overcome was equating how much time he worked to how successful he could be.

“I was in the studio all day, I used to be like, I’m going hard,” he said. “But really, sometimes I would be in the studio all day just forcing it as opposed to really being in there ’cause I was inspired. I used to think that the amount of hours you put into something translates into it being successful, but really, it’s not about that. It’s about working smarter.” It’s common for artists to believe that they have to grind 24-7 in order to be recognized in the industry, but Sean revealed he had to unlearn that lesson.

The rapper also talked about being more vocal after feeling silenced due to judgment. Being in the public eye can cause many celebrities to not say much of anything because of the criticism from the public, but Big Sean has learned how to navigate his public persona with his personal life. Watch Sean Don share a few noteworthy deep thoughts below.

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