SZA Rides The Momentum With A Promising New Snippet

Following the release of her brand new single “Hit Different,” SZA took to Instagram to share another new snippet from her upcoming album.

Last night, SZA fired off her new Ty Dolla $ign-assisted single “Hit Different,” a welcome reminder that her follow-up to 2017’s CTRL is indeed in the works. Though it has been quite the journey to get to this point, the surprise release seemed to spark hope that SZA’s next album might actually be around the corner — perfect timing, as all signs point to an imminent return from her labelmate and “All The Stars” collaborator Kendrick Lamar. In any case, the time feels right for a TDE resurgence, especially in the wake of the criticism that tends to circle the label’s release habits.


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Following “Hit Different,” SZA simply couldn’t help but ride the momentum, taking to Instagram to preview another brand new snippet — presumably stemming from her upcoming body of work. Understanding that the teaser may very well elicit a good old fashioned scolding from TDE label-head Punch, SZA allowed her “sharing mood” to win out, much to the delight of the fans — a group that includes Justin Timberlake, who hit up the comment section to show support.

As for the song in question, it sounds like another strong release from the talented singer, capturing her soulful and lyrically-thought-provoking vibe. “Yes I’ve been used to being used like this,” she sings. “Ain’t no difference, I’m immortalized in my thoughts, praise to the most I feel protection over my moods, my possessions.” According to the filename, the untitled track is produced by DJ Dahi, and the “(10 of 11)” seems to point to the song’s placement in the overall tracklist. Of course, that’s all subject to change, and by the time SZA’s sophomore LP actually arrives, it will do exactly that.


JoJo Stands By Removing Tory Lanez From Album: “I Believe Megan Thee Stallion”

The singer also questioned why people think Megan would lie about something as serious as this.

The shooting incident that involved Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez has been polarizing, especially in the rap community. For as many people who have rallied behind Megan during this time, there are as many who stand by Tory Lanez until they’re convinced otherwise. After taking to Instagram Live weeks ago to speak candidly about what allegedly occurred back in July in the Hollywood Hills, Megan Thee Stallion received support from many of her fellow entertainers. Kehlani shared that she dropped Tory Lanez from the deluxe version of It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, and JoJo announced that she’d done the same with Good to Know.

JoJo, Good To Know, Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani, Shooting, Tory Lanez
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Recently, JoJo opened up about her standing by Megan Thee Stallion despite criticisms over Tory Lanez not yet sharing his side of the story. “As soon as the allegations came out, I started talking to my team. I can’t support this person, I have to distance myself,” said JoJo. “I’ve felt that we need to believe women for a long time. Why would it behoove her to lie about this?”

Last week, JoJo made comments about how “ridiculous” Cancel Culture can be, but in this instance, she stands by her decision. “What I’m saying is that I believe Meg Thee Stallion,” JoJo continued. “That was my stance and it just felt like the right thing to do to take him off the deluxe version of the album.”



Usher Confirms GF Jenn Goicoechea’s Pregnancy, Says Sons Are “Excited”

The singer is also looking forward to his “bean’s arrival.”

There’s much to be celebrated in Usher‘s neck of the woods now that the singer has revealed personal and professional news in the last few days. On Friday (September 4), it was announced that Usher would be taking up in Las Vegas as he now has a residency at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace. The show will launch on July 16, 2021, and fans can purchase tickets as early as September 7. The singer chatted with Good Morning America about his new gig and said it’s something that he’s always dreamed of doing.

“Finally now, to be able to come to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace and be able to go back in time and do the earlier songs as well as new music and give people this up close and personal immersive experience is really something that I’m looking forward to,” he said. “Really looking forward to Las Vegas, going there for 12 shows starting in July and really excited about it.” Usher added, “It’s gonna be crazy, man.”

There have also been rumors that Usher and his girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea are expecting their first child together, and he confirmed that the gossip was true. He also stated that his two sons, 12-year-old Usher V and 11-year-old Naviyd, are ready to become big brothers. “[They’re] elated and excited,” said Usher. “Babies always bring such joy to a family. Really excited for my young one — well, my bean’s arrival.”

Fans can also expect to receive some new music from Usher very soon. Watch Usher on Good Morning America below.


6ix9ine Talks “Trollz” Critics, Addresses Nicki Minaj Not Having Solo No. 1 Record

He noted that he loves Nicki like a sister, but “Trollz” if his record, not hers.

When it was revealed that Nicki Minaj decided to collaborate with Tekashi 6ix9ine, the Queen rapper took a few heavy blows. Many of her fellow rappers criticized her decision and fans took to social media to question why she would align herself with the controversial artist. The gossip caused Nicki Minaj to speak directly about her collaboration and friendship with 6ix9ine, and she said that she’s not in the streets so she has nothing to be upset about. Nicki and 6ix9ine went on to craft a No. 1 song with “Trollz,” and later, the track became a taking point during 6ix9ine’s beef with Lil Durk.

6ix9ine attempted to troll Durk by saying his “Laugh Now Cry Later” collaboration was only a hit for Durk because he was featured on Drake‘s single. Durk bit back by saying “Trollz” only topped the charts because of Nicki Minaj. During a recent interview with Billboard, 6ix9ine was asked about the exchange with Lil Durk and the rapper decided to clear up a few things.

“I love that girl to death. When has Nicki ever had a No. 1 ’til this day?” 6ix9ine asked. The interviewer quickly said, “Say So,” mentioning the remix to Doja Cat‘s record. “No, no no… I love Nicki. That’s my sister. I love her to death. Give me a Nicki single that’s been No. 1. Her record.” The interviewer admits that Nicki Minaj doesn’t have a solo No. 1 song.

6ix9ine set things straight and added, “That’s my record.” Nicki’s fans weren’t happy with 6ix9ine’s comments, especially because “Trollz” was his first No. 1 and they don’t believe he could have reached that milestone with Minaj. Check out 6ix9ine speaking with Billboard below.


Usher Announces Residency At The Colosseum In Las Vegas For 2021

Usher will be performing at The Colosseum in Las Vegas for five months in 2021.

Usher has inked a deal to pick up a residency at The Colosseum in Las Vegas, starting in July 2021.

Usher, Residency, Las VegasPascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

“I cannot wait to perform for an audience,” Usher told Billboard. “In Vegas, I get a chance to create the show that I want, and I get a chance to be with my fans who’ve been cooped up for months and months.”

Usher will be performing 12 shows starting on July 16, 2021 and running until Jan. 1, 2022. The singer says the Vegas crowd will be treated to a unique experience that will encompass early records, recent songs, and new music, while taking advantage of the technical opportunities of The Colosseum.

“This is a real treat because it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything quite like this. You have benchmarks, right? You want to have your record played on the radio and then go on to win a Grammy. Vegas was always a benchmark for me that I couldn’t wait to be able to do,” Usher says. “ I can pull from all of the things that I’ve done— a little bit of acting, a little bit of personality, a little bit of music, dance. I can be more intimate than I’ve ever been with my audience, allowing people to come in and feel a different level of connection to the songs. Las Vegas is all about really shining it up.”

Tickets will go on sale, September 10.


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