New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.144

Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon Are “Wishing On A Star”

Slim Thug

Slim Thug

This sample is SOULFUL.

Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon dropped off their joint project Down In Texas this past week. The project is a true Texas-bred product, and it’s a pleasure to listen to. The artists run through a bunch of classic samples, but the Rose Royce “I’m Wishing On A Star” cut is the most brilliant. The two rappers rhyme over a slowed-down sample of that track, appropriately entitled Wishing On A Star. 

Slim Thug cuts his verse first, and takes the slow approach. The track has no chorus so Killa Kyleon just hops in right after Thug. Killa’s verse steals the show as he raps double the speed of Slim Thug. He easily bodies the track, while still not overpowering the sample. This track is so smooth it’s hard not to roll one up and just sit back and put it on repeat.

Quotable Lyrics
You know the vibe for the summer
Since the winter, been stackin’ them commas
Wanna ball, so the trap doin’ numbers
Keep a pole with that pack for the drummer
Hustle hard like a nigga ain’t ate
Turkey leg, tell ‘em fix me a plate
Tryna get me a Urus to skate
If you grindin’, I know you relate



New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.143

Curren$y & Harry Fraud Recruit Rick Ross For “Mugello Red”



This that Summer night cruise music.

Curren$y and Harry Fraud teamed up for the collaboration project The OutRunners, which has been getting rave reviews from fans. Fraud’s masterful production vibes well with Curren$y’s mellow tonality. It really all comes together on “Mugello Red” featuring Rick Ross. The trio sound immaculate together.

Fraud lays down an instrumental that sounds like a Summer night in Florida feels. This is a track you can bump while on a late-night cruise down the highway. Cinematic pianos and spacious synths combine to create a Miami Vice like instrumental. No wonder Ross wanted a verse on this one. Curren$y does his thing on this track, but Ross really shines. The Boss’ effortless braggadocious bravado drips off the track.

Quotable Lyrics
Bathing Ape is a thing, I’ve been labeled a king
So sincere with my flows, spent a house on my ring
Shawty give me some brain, callin’ him insane
Blow a fortune on Cookie, quarter M on my chain
Never did it for status, I just lusted for cabbage
Nikes out of the box, Backwoods all through the palace


New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.142

Murs & Wrekonize Team Up On “You & Me Vs. Everybody”



Murs and Wrekonize collide, once again, for their latest song.

Consistency meets quality anytime you hear from Murs. From his days with Living Legend to his major-label stint, Murs is a staple in the underground and has been over the years. Each year, he comes through with a new project, though he has yet to do so in 2020. Perhaps that’ll change in the future but in the meanwhile, he released his latest single alongside Wrekonize on “You and Me Vs. Everybody.” The pair of rappers tackle boom-bap production detailing perseverance in the face of adversity as he reflects on the current climate of the United States in the wake of the recent protests.

The song is taken off of Murs Patreon-exclusive EP Murs In Miami. Check out Murs & Wrekonize’s “You and Me Vs. Everybody” below.

Quotable Lyrics
You never have to worry about the job trying to stress you
But racist police will still try to arrest you
Trying to test you, on occasion, take life. it’s fucked up
It ain’t right, you was born into a fight
But I put this on your granny, she taught me how to raise a man
I will murder any man that ever raise a violent hand


Lil Baby Will Feel Offended If You Want A Verse But Don’t Have $100K

Time is money and you’ll need six-figures for a 16 from Lil Baby.

From the streets of Atlanta, Lil Baby has emerged as one of the biggest new stars in hip-hop. With no plans of slowing down, his prolific mixtape run paid off as it translated into platinum-selling, chart-topping albums. That being said, Baby is no longer as accessible as he once was. Some may remember a period in time where it felt like everyone was getting a Lil Baby feature.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sure, like many artists, that’s what brings food to the table. However, once you get to a level of success where you’re asking for two hunna an occasion, the prices of features will surely skyrocket. That is the case with Lil Baby. As rap we’ve witnessed his glorious rise from the trap to mainstream success, he demands anyone asking for a feature to respect his hustle. That means having six-figures to dole out if you’re inquiring about getting a 16.

“Ima feel offended if you want a verse from me but don’t got a 100k… ‘respect my hustle,'” Baby tweeted. “100k cheap by the way do your streaming research.”

Though Baby’s feature fee isn’t new, it should be noted that it reportedly takes 1,500 streams to make a dollar. Surely, a feature from Lil Baby in 2020 will pay off in the long-run.


Fivio Foreign Says He’s Mad Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killers Got Locked Up

Fivio Foreign chops it up with Vlad TV about Pop Smoke and the arrest of the alleged killers.

Fivio Foreign became a recognizable face in the Brooklyn drill scene, along with Pop Smoke, as they exploded into mainstream consciousness months apart from each other. Fivio was often seen by Pop Smoke‘s side in various interviews and the two had a close-knit relationship. The rapper recently sat down with Vlad where he got in-depth about his feelings regarding Pop’s death. The rapper detailed just how much it hurt to find out about Pop’s death. “It hurt, bro. I ain’t gon’ lie. That shit hurt,” he said.

Shortly after the release of Pop Smoke’s Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon, police revealed that they had arrested four suspects in the late rapper’s murder case. Many were excited about this news but Fivio Foreign wishes they were still on the street.

“I was tight,” Fivio said after he was asked how he felt about the alleged killers’ arrest. “I’m mad they got locked up,” he added. Fivio continued to explain that he wishes they were actually on the street. Even though there’s a possibility two of the suspects could face the death penalty, Fivio doubled down. “I don’t want them in jail.”

Check out both interviews with Fivio Foreign below.

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