Rick Ross & Jay-Z Stood As Equals On “Free Mason”

2010 Island Def Jam

2010 Island Def Jam

Ten years ago, Rick Ross and Jay-Z cut a powerful cloth on the triumphant “Free Mason,” a highlight from “Teflon Don.”

Seeing as Rick Ross carried the presence of an OG the moment he stepped into the rap game, it’s hard to truly appreciate the fact he’s been putting in work for well over a decade. And yet ten years ago to this day, Renzel came through with his fourth studio album Teflon Don, a project that helped solidify him as one of the game’s most quietly devastating emcees. That’s not to say he wasn’t holding it down prior, but some remained unwilling to look beyond his boss-like persona and truly analyze the bars at hand.

On “Free Mason,” Rick Ross made it impossible to deny, joining forces with arguably the greatest lyricist of all time — Jay-Z. A full-fledged duet that saw both rappers rhyming as equals, Ross and Jigga proved complementary to one another with two imagery-laden verses rich in religious iconography. “I understand that folks expect me to fold, community control to violate parole,” spits Ross, over triumphant production from The Inkredibles. “I won’t fail, but a lot of men will, I’m iconic in the field like Solomon’s Seal.”

Happy ten year anniversary to Teflon Don, an album that many might still celebrate at Rick Ross’ best yet. Where do you stand on the topic?


I understand that folks expect me to fold
Community control to violate parole
I won’t fail, but a lot of men will
I’m iconic in the field like Solomon’s Seal


Swizz Beatz & Timbaland Partner With Apple Music For Exclusive “Verzuz” Deal

“Verzuz” is heading to Apple.

If there’s one good thing to come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland-organized Verzuz series. It has truly been one of the most exciting ordeals in music these days, especially as live concerts, festivals, and venues close down. The Instagram-hosted series has had legendary acts come through where they went song-for-song, shared stories behind the music, and created some meme-worthy moments.

With as much clout as an online series can get, Swizz and Tim have announced that they will be bringing their series to Apple. The two signed an exclusive deal with Apple that will give the tech giant exclusive on-demand streaming rights. However, fans will still be able to catch it live on Instagram as it happens in real-time. Apple Music and Beats1 will also be streaming Verzuz at the same time as it’s being streamed on Instagram Live.

Apple Music previously hosted Alicia Keys vs. John Legend on Verzuz last month for their Juneteenth special.

Snoop Dogg and DMX‘s massive showdown to mark the first Verzuz following the announcement of the exclusive partnership. “The battle of the dogs” is set to kick off on Wed., July 22nd at 5 p.m. PST.

Verzuz is making big moves.



Ebro Accuses Kanye West Of Working For Donald Trump

Kanye West’s first presidential rally may have spawned a variety of reactions, but Ebro Darden believes a greater conspiracy is afoot.

Last night, Kanye West staged his first-ever presidential rally, an event that saw him speaking on a variety of topics ranging from abortion to slavery, the latter of which ultimately spawned a viral take on Harriet Tubman. And while rappers like Snoop Dogg50 Cent, and Joey Bada$$ have weighed in on Yeezy‘s emotionally explosive speech, Ebro Darden took a moment to offer some thoughts on Ye’s newfound political ambitions.

Kanye West rally

Brad Barket/Getty Images

In fact, Darden doesn’t appear convinced that Kanye is exhibiting any true agency, instead acting as an operative for his former pal Donald Trump. “Voting Black people aren’t dumb. They won’t vote for Kanye West it will be young white kids,” writes Ebro, his voice one of many in the choir of skeptics. “Kanye is clearly working for Trump.”

A specific accusation to be sure, and while it’s entirely possible that Ebro’s conspiratorial take is genuine, the truth might not be as clear as he makes it sound. Many have already openly wondered about Yeezy’s mental state, with fears that his emotional confession to wanting to initially abort his daughter North might have serious repercussions on his family. Whether or not Kanye would go so far in the name of furthering Trump’s cause is up for discussion, but it’s clear that Ebro has made up his mind on the topic. Where do you stand on this one?


Gillie Da Kid Sounds Off On Joe Budden As Beef Broils

After Joe Budden called him a “doofus” over resurfaced “All Lives Matter” comment, Gillie Da Kid took a moment to address the podcast host.

It’s no secret that Joe Budden, host of Spotify’s TheJoe Budden Podcast, isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. In fact, Joe’s unapologetic nature has landed him in hot water for the majority of his career, a run that sparked more beef than the average rapper faces in a lifetime. Some things don’t change, and while Budden may have hung up the microphone, he has yet to dull his antagonistic spark.

A few days ago, Budden took issue with Gillie Da Kid, who currently hosts Million Dollaz Worth of Game with Wallo267, a podcast on Barstool Sports. The beef stemmed from Gillie’s statements four years prior, where he said “All Lives Matter” in a clip that recently resurfaced. And while Gillie faced no shortage of disdain for his controversial stance, Joe Budden went so far as to address the Philadelphia rapper on his own podcast. Suffice it to say, Budden was in no mood, doling out some “Dumb Out” level intensity with choice insults like the scathing “Doofus.”

It didn’t take long for Gillie Da Kid to catch wind of Budden’s teardown, and he used his own platform to issue a stonefaced response. “He called me a doofus,” reflects Gillie. “I’m from the streets man, I don’t know what a doofus is. I’m sorry. You have to explain that to me, is that in the dictionary? That was some real suburban shit. Than he went on a rant about me for a long time. He was sweating. It wasn’t even hot in there and he was sweating.”

“Obviously I got a n***a in his feelings,” he continues. “Was it because I brought up the story of your people getting slapped? One thing about me is I speak the truth. I say what the fuck I want. I know what this really about. You a smart guy, you know shit start from the ground up. Everything start from the roots, and the roots hold up the tree. The n***as on the ground level don’t fuck with you. They fuck with me. That’s what’s really hurting your feelings. What you try to do is you hate, but you decorate the hate. You put up baloons, and you try to disguise it like it’s not hate. But that’s all it really is. Even the n***a sitting beside you recognize the hate.”

Check out Gillie Da Kid’s full response below, and sound off — did Joe Budden make this one personal?


Snoop Dogg Responds To Kanye West’s Harriet Tubman Take

Presidential hopeful Kanye West’s instantly notorious Harriet Tubman take prompted Snoop Dogg to offer a few words in response.

Last night, Kanye West captured attention like only he can — which is to say, hosting his first official presidential rally, an emotional speech that saw him touching on topics like abortion, decriminalizing marijuana, his family, his former relationship with Amber Rose, and of course, slavery.

Ye’s previous comments on the dark chapter of American history — namely his notorious “slavery was a choice” stance — were enough to alarm even his most ardent supporters. At yesterday’s rally, Yeezyonce more offered a controversial take, this time criticizing Harriet Tubman’s historical efforts to free slaves through the Underground Railroad. “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people,” he claimed, a statement that drew ire from many in attendance.

Kanye West Snoop Dogg Harriet Tubman

 Marc Piasecki/GC Images

It didn’t take long for Snoop Dogg, a frequent detractor of Yeezy’s more off-the-rails moments, to weigh in on the now-viral soundbite. And while he has previously laid waste to Yeezy to a far more scathing degree, this time the Doggfather has opted to take the high road. Like many, he took to Instagram to offer his prayers to Kanye West, while highlighting the importance of Tubman as a historical figure. Thank u queen Harriet,” he captions, alongside an image of Tubman. “@jesusisking [prayers] for u brother.”

With an increasing amount of rappers echoing Snoop’s call for prayer, it feels as if many are receiving Yeezy’s campaign with skepticism at best, alarm at worst. One has to wonder if Kanye will continue to trudge forward unimpeded, or if the concern will bring his presidential ambitions to an early end.

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