Max B Delivers Five-Track “Charly” Project


Months after releasing his “Wave Pack” album, Max B returns with “Charly.”

For someone doing time, Max B never fails to release as much music as possible. Earlier this year, Max B closed out the month of February with a surprise project, a 26-track album titled Wave Pack. It came months after his House Money EP, and continuing on with his steady stream of releases, Max B returns with Charly. The latest record dons his first name and doesn’t host any features.

“I wanted to give the fans and the people of the world something that would make them feel good in this time of turmoil. CHARLY is my growth,” Max B said of Charly. “It’s the man, the artist, the CEO, the Eloquent Music God, the father, the lover, all in one place. Charly is the creator of Max Biggaveli, Don Biggaveli, Wavy Crocket. See, in order to become creative in my position, I had to morph into these different characters just so that I can do the type of music we all love.” Stream Charly and let us know what you think of Max B’s latest.


1. Goodman
2. Porno Music 2
3. Promises
4. They Don’t Know
5. Didn’t Mean to Kill a Man



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