New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.74

G-Eazy Goes Indie With Cover Of The XX’s “VCR”

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

G-Eazy looks to a modern classic for inspiration, channeling some wistful spirit for a take on the xx’s “VCR.”

G-Eazy has been making the most of his quarantine stay, using the opportunity to build up a healthy repertoire of covers. We’ve already seen him try his hand at tracks from Radiohead, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and more — but this time, he’s decided to look deeper into the indie scene. Opting for “VCR” by the xx, of their beloved debut album xx, G-Eazy retains some of the original’s reverberated spirit — though none of the band’s masterful minimalism.

Of all the tracks G-Eazy has opted to cover so far, “VCR” feels like the most natural fit for the rapper. Over Christoph Anderson’s more or less faithful production, G handles the vocal responsibilities of both Romy and Oliver — unfortunately, the lack of harmonies does take away from the OG’s call-and-response. In either state, the song is the definition of a slow-burner with a particularly lovely chord progression. Considering that he didn’t make any overt changes, G-Eazy’s take on “VCR” should be an enjoyable treat for fans of the wistful and acclaimed band.


Wanna find myself by the sea, in another’s company by the sea
I wanna go out to the pier, I’m gonna dive and have no fear
Cause you, you just know, you just do

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