New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.62

Future & Travis Scott Slide Through Clean On “Solitaires”

Epic Records/Freebandz

Epic Records/Freebandz

Future and Travis Scott’s highly-anticipated new collaboration “Solitaires” has arrived.

When the tracklist was revealed for Future‘s eighth studio album, many people gravitated toward one name on the listing: Travis Scott. We seem to get lucky every time these two rappers hop on the same track. Most notably, they tore the house down with “3500.” Are they able to ever recreate that magic?

High Off Life has officially arrived and, as expected, a number of fans jumped straight to the fourth song on the tracklist, “Solitaires.” While the song is definitely fire, it doesn’t have the same instant impact as “3500” did. Maybe it will turn out to be more of a grower.

The song goes through a myriad of themes, including both rappers making reference to the current lockdown, envisioning what they’ll be doing once it closes. Obviously, La Flame has a massive rager planned. As for Future, maybe a trip to the psychiatrist is in the calendar, as he suggests in the second verse.

“Solitaires” features highlight production from Wheezy and Mike Dean.

Listen to the star collaboration below and let us know if it’s your favorite from the new album.

Quotable Lyrics:

When they let us off of lock, man, we gon’ make that shit pop
Been humpin’ wifey for so long, she got a limp when she walk
Got seven drops in four spots, I get to pick where I live
In the back they playin’ twinsies like a Hugh Hefner zoo
On my teeth, these diamonds twinkle, in her legs a jacuzzi
I be tweakin’ every day, I got some screws missin’

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