OutKast & Killer Mike Did It For The Globe On “The Whole World”

2001 Arista Records

2001 Arista Records

Celebrate Throwback Thursday by revisiting one of OutKast’s timeless classics, the Killer Mike-assisted “The Whole World.”

Before the early millennium, OutKast had already established themselves as one of hip-hop’s most formidable duos thanks to albums like ATLiens and Aquemini. And while Big Boi and Andre 3000 alike remain two of the greatest emcees of all time, they wouldn’t be who they are without a little bit of style and flair. Upon delivering Stankonia, an album that many felt to be their triumph at the time, Outkast seemed to be on the verge of artistic reinvention. In many ways, “The Whole World” seemed to encapsulate their new direction – zany, soulful, and brimming with energy.

Featuring a pre-Run The JewelsKiller Mike in a supporting role, the carnivalesque banger remains one of Outkast’s most infectious singles to date. Off the top, production from Earthtone III serves to effectively transport listeners into the madcap world of Three Stacks and Sir Luscious. But don’t get it twisted — the track may be odd in nature, but all three parties are elite-level emcees and perform as such. There’s something refreshing about seeing a group find mainstream success while forging a unique and untrodden path. Or, as some might call it, the OutKast way.


See ain’t nothing changed, hit the stage
Set a date, sucker, in battle we can engage
I’ll slice you, wife you, marry you, divorce you
Throw the Porsche at you, is what I’m forced to do
With my back against the wall, crack his back, y’all
Naw, it ain’t went nowhere like havin’ hair with stylin’ gel in it

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