New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.56

AZ Returns To The Fold With “Found My Niche”

2020 AZ

2020 AZ

At long last, AZ has emerged with the first look at his long-awaited new album “Doe Or Die 2.”

Ever since stealing the show with his breakout verse on Illmatic’s “Life’s A Bitch,” AZ has remained a steadily solid lyricist to watch. Though not quite prolific in the traditional sense, the legacy of his debut album Doe Or Die has carried strongly since its release in 1995. So much so that AZ has finally decided to pull the trigger of his long-awaited sequel Doe Or Die 2, connecting with Complex to premiere his first single from the project “Found My Niche.”

“It’s been a decade since I released a full body of work, but Doe Or Die 2 is just what the doctor ordered” AZ revealed. “With the help of Pete Rock, Bink, Buckwild, Heatmakerz, Rockwilder, Baby Paul, Rick RossT-Pain and a few others; I’m going to deliver an entree like no other, with “Found My Niche” being the appetizer.” As for the song itself, it’s evident that AZ has no intention of switching up his signature style. Here, his bars remain as focused as ever, and from the sound of it he’ll be dealing with some legendary producers on his anticipated album.

Look for Doe Or Die to arrive at some point this summer, and sound off below — do you have any interest in hearing some new AZ?


Switch gears, fucking with peers, they out of town
Packed up, blew for a year without a sound
Came back, reappeared it’s going down
And what I seen was a whole lot of kings that lost they crown


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