New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.47

Daniel Caesar Covers Classic Jam “Made To Fall In Love”

2020 Spotify Singles

2020 Spotify Singles

The second of two Spotify Singles releases, “Made To Fall In Love” finds Daniel Caesar trying his hand at a cover.

Given how strong last year’s Case Study 101 album was, it’s fair to call Daniel Caesar one of the game’s most exciting r&b artists. And while a key component of his strength lies in songwriting, Caesar recently took the time to put forth a cover for Spotify’s “Singles” sessions, paying homage to Bitty McLean and Sly & Robbie’s “Made To Fall In Love.” Explaining his decision-making process in a press release, Caesar claimed that “it feels like I’m driving through Ocho Rios with the top down every time I hear ‘Made to Fall in Love.’ It makes me smile every time.”

The song itself is heavily Caribbean-inspired, with staccato guitar-chords and a slinking bassline giving a strong reggae vibe. Over the live band’s guiding hand, Caesar effortlessly glides into an impressive falsetto. There’s plenty to appreciate here, and more importantly, nothing is rushed. Clocking in at almost five minutes, there’s room for everybody to shine — from Caesar himself to the bass player to the keyboard players. Check it out for yourself now.


As all the leaves start to fall
Will you cling to me my love?
If the simple words are just not enough
Let me start by saying you’re all I want


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