New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.45

Maino Sends Love To The Mothers On “Hold You Down”



Maino dropped a Mother’s Day anthem over the weekend.

Mother’s Day certainly wasn’t the same this year with the state of the pandemic but many still found ways to share their appreciation for their mothers. After all, it is women that brought us all into the earth. As a means of showing his appreciation to the women across the world, Maino shared his latest song, “Hold You Down.” Though one might expect a Mothers Day anthem to be gentle, Maino delivered a banger for all of the women across the world who’ve continued to hold down the men and children in their life throughout troubling times.

“Thank you to the women, mothers & wives across the world who hold us down during troubled and tuff times,” Maino said about the song on Soundcloud.

Peep “Hold You Down” below.

Quotable Lyrics
To the ladies that
Got husbands and brothers that
In the prison system, I know that you want ’em back
But they got ’em held hostage
Limited bail options
Place they send Black boys, makin’ ’em monsters

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