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Nav & Quavo Reunite For “Chirp”

2020 XO Records

2020 XO Records

Following the release of his new album last week, Nav and Quavo reconnect for “Good Intentions Deluxe” highlight “Chirp.”

Ah, the deluxe edition — a phenomenon that has been around for years, yet has only recently become a highly obvious marketing tactic. Today marks the arrival of Nav‘s Good Intentions – Brown Boy 2 Deluxe Edition, which is essentially a brand new album made up of various loosies and leaks. We’ve recently seen Lil Uzi Vert employ a similar release strategy, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Deluxe Edition trend only intensify throughout the year. After all, what better way to enjoy an album than to lose interest after a week and move on to the next one?

In all seriousness, that’s not to say there aren’t bright spots on Nav’s latest album. Once again, he finds himself connecting with his old pal Quavo, with whom he previously linked on “Faith” back in 2018. This time around, neither seek to reinvent the perfectly useable wheel, instead opting to press the cruise control button and take a scenic tour down the 401. It’s a testament to their chemistry that they can somehow make the journey enjoyable, despite it being a journey we’ve all become well familiar with. Still, fans of Nav’s cause should be proud of the Torontonian, who previously released the most cohesive body of work of his career thus far.

Check out “Chirp” now, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that the original edition is but a week young — unless, of course, you’re already eager to forget it.


My whip is exotic, my bitch is exotic
And we on the block with narcotics
AK won’t fit in my pocket, we order five profits to the tropics
I want two humid M’s ain’t no option

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