Jeru The Damaja Does NPR’s Tiny Desk Series From His Home In Berlin


NPR’s Tiny Desk series hosts Jeru The Damaja

Jeru The Damaja, the supreme MC of the 90s to now, performed the famed NPR Tiny Desk series from the comfort of his home in Berlin, Germany. Seated in his maroon chair, equipped with his Mac laptop, Serato setup and microphone, Jeru runs through a few of his crowd faves from his albums mainly produced by Gangstarr’s DJ Premier, in the 15 minute set and drops some gems in-between the selections for good measure.

“I was led to a [social media] post that said, ‘Quarantine is not a productivity challenge…’ I’m gonna say, I don’t agree with that. I think this is the time that you should be your most productive. Idle mind, idle hands is the devil’s workshop,” he explains.

Managing his own controls, Jeru plays the jams and paces a great tempo between his musings and music. The set list is a strong one, but noticeably missing his super classic “Come Clean,” yet, it’s good to see songs that are just as magical get some shine on this huge platform. They are as follows:

“Can’t Stop the Prophet”

“Ain’t The Devil Happy”

“Scientifical Madness”

“So Raw”

“My Mind Spray”


“The Power”

In a recent IG Live interview with @hiphopbackintheday_ Jeru answers the question about if he’s missing American food while out in Germany with,”I know how to cook…so I’m good! [Laughs] My diet is mainly vegetarian.” He also goes on to say in his NPR session that, “these times are like Black Mirror and [The] Twilight Zone had a baby and we got stuck watching that baby and it sucks.” Then the Gangstarr Foundation crew alum pivots with, “but, I’m glad I can come to you and rock and rep and just use my talent. I’m grateful…that I can use that talent to make people feel good.”

Thanks for rocking out for us Jeru. Be on the look out for his new album Power.

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