New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.26

Young Thug & Chris Brown Set It Off On “Say You Love Me”

2020 Chris Brown Ent

2020 Chris Brown Ent

Young Thug and Chris Brown set things off with a bang on the introductory cut “Say You Love Me.”

Yesterday, on the same day Chris Brown enjoyed his thirty-first birthday, he delivered a brand new collaboration album with Young Thug called Slime & B. Upon a surface examination of the album, it’s easy to get lost in all the glitz, glamor, and x-rated debauchery both men seem to indulge in daily. Yet a closer inspection paints a different picture: one of two hopeless romantics desperately trying to find the love they feel they deserve. Is it really no coincidence then, that they opted to kick things off with “Say You Love Me?”

Taking to a minimalist, yet wholly effective banger cooked up by Murda Beatz and OG Parker, Young Thug sets it off with charismatic ease . Unconcerned with penning the Next Great American Verse©, Thugger skates over the distorted 808s with a breezy flow and cavalier demeanor. Breezy opts for a more grounded approach, riding the beat like a hunter on the prowl; lyrically, he seems content with simply transcribing a pornographic screenplay shot entirely in VR — if that’s your bag, there are few who do it more effectively than Chris Brown.

Check out the album highlight right now, and should you have the time, consider our Best Lyrics round-up right here.


Look at her stare at the coupe when I’m droppin’ the top for the sky
I hit your little bitty bitch, got her runnin’ around disguised
I got a coupe, cost a million, I bungie that bitch when I ride
Total the coupe, woah, that’s my boo, woah

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