New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.23

Young Thug, Chris Brown, & Future Have A Slime Reunion On “Help Me Breathe”

Image via Chris Brown & Young Thug

Image via Chris Brown & Young Thug

Young Thug, Chris Brown and Future connect to close out “Slime & B” with the bouncy “Help Me Breathe.”

Today marks Chris Brown‘s 31st birthday, and in a reversal of tradition, it was he who bestowed gifts upon us. Enter Slime & B, a thirteen-track collaboration album with Young Thug, featuring appearances from Gunna, Lil Duke, E40, Too $hort, Murda Beatz, Turbo, and of course Future. Given that Future and Young Thug are a duo in their own right — remember 2017’s Super Slimey project — it’s no surprise to see the WZRD slide through for a quick contribution.

As it happens, Future is granted space to do his thing on the album’s closer, the bouncy “Help Me Breathe.” Lyrically, the song is as close to a love song as we’ve seen from this particular trifecta, who all tend to understand the benefits of material counseling. Big fight, don’t worry, here’s some Prada. Big fight, don’t worry, here’s a Birkin bag. That’s not to say Future’s heart has frozen all remnants of genuine romance away. “I know you photogenic Monday through Sunday,” he sings, head in the clouds. “I’m keepin’ my eyes on you, you iconic.”

Check out the Super Slimey reunion track below, and sound off – is this the style you enjoy seeing when Future and Young Thug get together?


Some red bottoms for you like it’s a dozen of roses
Cop Eliante too, top tiers lookin’ like gold dust
I’m snatchin’ up that coupe for you, put Ferarri on your mama, girl
Snatchin’ up that new foreign that pretty girl in the morning

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