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The Weeknd Premieres “I’m A Virgin” Song On American Dad

The Weeknd via YouTube

The Weeknd via YouTube

The Weeknd reveals that he is pure as a dove in his new song “I’m A Virgin,” which premiered on American Dad.

The Weeknd has been holding back a huge secret for years. In the earlier stages of his career, the Toronto native spoke freely about his drug use and rampant sex. He earned the reputation of a perpetual bad boy, attracting tons of ladies by singing his heart out on a nightly basis. Now, the certified pop star is finally ready to come clean.

Co-writing and starring in a brand new episode of American Dad!, The Weeknd revealed to the world that he has been capping for the last little while. He’s never shared a bed with top-class models or popped pills to mask the pain. In fact, he’s really a good boy. The Weeknd, ladies and gentlemen, is a virgin.

He made the revelation in a song, which premiered on the show last night.

In the episode, Hayley, the daughter of main character Stan, wants to have sex with The Weeknd but he ultimately shuts her down and explains.

“And I know you can’t believe it’s true/But I’m man enough to say to you, I’m a virgin,” sings the star.

Of course, this will be a tough pill to swallow for some. This must be the reason why he and Bella Hadid have taken so many breaks…

Watch the hilarious video below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I see you lookin’ in a strong way
But I won’t give it up
Supermodels, they were all fake
‘Cause I never humped
And I know you, I know you want to
But I’m man enough to say to you
Underneath the lies and the big talk
I’ve been waiting for a wife
I never watched porn, never did drugs
‘Cause I’m terrified

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