New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.8

Snoop Dogg Hops On Mexican Folk Song “Que Maldición” With Banda MS

2020 Lizos Music

2020 Lizos Music

Snoop Dogg and Mexican folk band, Banda MS, formed an unlikely partnership to deliver “Que Maldición.”

What do you get when you combine the classic West Coast rap sound with the flavours of Mexican folk music? A banger, apparently. California legend Snoop Dogg is no stranger to genres vastly different from his own hip hop roots, and his latest experiment saw him dipping his toe into banda music with the Mazatlán-based Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga, or Banda MS for short. The Spanglish track sees Snoop alternating between the two languages with ease, while Banda MS croon away en Español in between his verses.

Que Maldición,” which loosely translates to “what a curse,” combines the signature brass horn section of banda music with the heavy bassline often found in Snoop’s own songs. The song garnered a ton of attention on Twitter from fans of both genres, who were thrilled to see this crossover that nobody ever expected. Check out Snoop and Banda MS’ hip hop/banda mash-up “Que Maldición” and let us know if you think this bold choice works, or if they should each just stick to their usual sound from now on.

Quotable Lyrics

Maybe that’s my culpa, ah
Guilty ’cause I go away a lot
But say you want me to stay
And I won’t salir I’m here


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