Before the end of the (at-home) workday, rumors began circulating that none other than Drake, the biggest artist in the world, was preparing to drop a surprise mixtape. A tracklist was floating around with names like Chris Brown, Fivio Foreign, Playboi Carti, and more attached to the project. Still, we needed to wait for official confirmation of the tape. It didn’t take long for Drake to reveal that the Dark Lane Demo Tapes was a real thing, coming through at midnight with a collection of new music.

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Packed with fourteen previously-unreleased songs that were either highly-anticipated (like “Pain 1993” with Playboi Carti) or genuinely unknown to the public, Drake has officially released his latest project. As you would expect, the internet went absolutely bonkers with the news that he was dropping and, when the mixtape was uploaded to streaming services, things blew up even larger.

As people sift through the lyrics to find that perfect Instagram caption, all of Drake’s OVO followers will be freaking out for the next little while. Without an outlet in the real world, social media will have to do for now.

What do you think of Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes? Let us know in the comments.

Ope 🍏@OpeYRN

me studying Drake’s new album looking for captions

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Ben Wegmann@benwegmann

I’m a DRAKE fan and I’m gonna enjoy this album and there’s nothing the haters can do to stop that okurrrtttt!!!!

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Coronaldinho. 🇻🇨@FEELZ_____

Drake making mixtapes vs. Drake making albums

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Drake part vs Carti part on Pain 1993

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Drake always shows up when I need him. This mixtape is crazzzy!

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Carti telling everyone he was on Dark Lane Demo Tapes with Drake, Future, Young Thug, and Chris Brown

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Drake – Dark Lane Demo Tapes

First listen thoughts.

Fire/Good Tracks – Deep Pockets, When to Say When, Not You Too, D4L, Losses

Ok – Chicago Freestyle (Sorry), Desires, Time Flies, Landed

Skips – War, Toosie Slide, Pain 1993, Demons, From Florida With Love.

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Trae Young


I’m listening to Drake… Deuces✌🏽

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