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Valee Leaks “Drop Yuh” While We Wait On Album

Valee music video/G.O.O.D. Music

Valee music video/G.O.O.D. Music

Valee returns to form with “Drop Yuh.”

Valee teased us over the weekend, claiming a new project would drop at Midnight, but when midnight came and went, there was no project in sight. Still, fans could console themselves with the fact that just a day earlier, Valee dropped this subtle banger, “Drop Yuh.”

Subtle banger is an apt description for much of Valee’s music. His vocals are dulcet and seem to barely make it out of his mouth before he’s on to the next set of words. The beat itself is minimalistic while still retaining certain banger qualities, with the drums pounding in the back of your head, and the constant ringing ensuring you will question if there is actually a ringing in your ears (no, just the beat). Despite everyone everywhere being in isolation, Valee managed to shoot a music video for this one before things went haywire. He sits with his legs splayed open in a bed of sticks, surrounding by a sea of brown, depleted trees, before roaming an abandoned construction site.

Check it out and stay tuned for any updates on Valee’s much anticipated album. According to Valee’s manager, they are in the final stage– aka fighting over which songs to include.

Quotable Lyrics

I made her call off on set, I’m gettin’ more top than all hats
Yeah, I got the stick on me, that bitch a bug, no ticks on me
Walkin’ ’round like it’s four bricks on me, yeah, your bitch tryna get me bustin’, no zits on me

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