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Lupe Fiasco Surprises Fans With Jazzy “Tokyo Freeze”

Lupe Fiasco Instagram

Lupe Fiasco Instagram

Lupe Fiasco worked with Robert Glasper on “Tokyo Freeze,” a track that he shared on Instagram.

He may give Robert Glasper a nod for the beat to “Tokyo Freeze,” but hip hop fans recognize a Watch The Throne‘s “No Church in the Wild” sample when they hear it. Artists are giving us gems as the world has been separated due to social distancing from this COVID-19 pandemic. The other day, Lupe shared a video of himself offering up a few words of wisdom for people who have been panicking during this strange time in history. As he’s had to cancel a few of his upcoming live shows, Lupe Fiasco decided to drop off a little something for the fans who are locked inside.The rapper spits rhymes over the jazzy, live, jam session beat and sounds as if he’s delivering a freestyle on the spot. Lupe hasn’t shared much information about the track, but he did offer it up on Instagram and it’s received a warm welcome from fans. Check it out below and let us know what you think of Lupe Fiasco’s latest.

Quotable Lyrics

Camouflage colored
Chamomile on the battlefield
A relax and chill
Dapper Dan daffodils
Two Gs worth of recording gear to make reports for your ears

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