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Kevin Gates Refuses To Switch Up On “Always Be Gangsta Freestyle”

Bread Winners' Asssociation

Bread Winners’ Asssociation

Kevin Gates unleashes a new freestyle to remind us that he will “Always Be Gangsta.”

Kevin Gates is not afraid of anything. Since his release from prison two years ago, the Baton Rouge general has changed his life exponentially. He is trying to be a better man, spending quality time with his family and watching his son and daughter grow up to be contributing members of society. Through the release of I’m Him, Gates shifted gears slightly, focusing his lyrical content on his life as a 34-year-old, no longer hustling in the streets to make ends meet. Although that side of him is not too far removed, he knows that he has been conditioned to never fully change, reminding the public that he’ll “Always Be Gangsta” in a new freestyle.

Releasing his most recent musical addition on all streaming services today, Kevin Gates is sending a message on the “Always Be Gangsta Freestyle.” The original Bread Winner goes for fast flows and off-the-dome rhymes that deal with his past activity in the trap. He may not need to run the streets anymore but he’s still got control where it matters.

Listen to the latest drop from Kevin Gates below and let us know how it compares to his other material.

Kevin Gates
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Quotable Lyrics:

Your moral compass is all you got
Life in general cold sport
The higher-ups gon’ play polite
The system still do what they want
Cool to kick it, but always remember that you still a n***a when you go to court
Been in that blender with plenty of course
Blemish my image, ain’t get no awards

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