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Danny Brown Claimed The Title Of “Greatest Rapper Ever” On “The Hybrid” Intro



Greatest Rapper Ever

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On Danny Brown’s 39th birthday, he also celebrates the release of 2010’s “The Hybrid.”

There are very few rappers who’ve been as consistent as Danny Brown has been in the past decade. The release of XXX, Old, Atrocity Exhibition and 2019’s Uknowhatimsayin? proved that Danny’s penchant for delivering bars hasn’t diminished at all. He’s a prime example of rappers only getting better with timing.

Today marks two momentous occasions for Danny Brown as he celebrates his 39th birthday and the 10-year anniversary since the release of his debut album, The Hybrid. Following a string of tapes released prior to the mark of a new decade, Danny Brown came in swinging with his debut album which kicked off with “Greatest Rapper Ever.” At the time, it may have been a bold claim for an artist that had made a buzz through the underground circuit but from the top of the project, he packed punchlines with braggadocious bars from his sexcapades, top-tier bars, and his street in the midst of the blog era. B

But perhaps, “Greatest Rapper Ever” can summarize the hunger in Danny Brown’s belly at the time. “‘I rap like I bet my life/ Cause in all actuality, n***a I did/ You rap like you used to hit the pipe/ Nah n***a that ain’t crack, that’s crackhead shit.”

Happy Birthday, Danny! Revisit “The Greatest Rapper Ever” below.

Quotable Lyrics
My homie a magician with a TEC
Make your chain disappear and reappear on his neck
I ain’t tricking with you hoes, but shit don’t ask
Only thing I give a bitch? A f*cking orgasm

Danny Brown
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