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Dreezy Is The Latest To Tackle Nicki Minaj’s “Yikes”

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Gettem, Dreezy!

Nicki Minaj made her comeback this past weekend after claiming that she’d be stepping back from the limelight for a little while. Initially described as a retirement, she backtracked on her statements but still laid low from the public eye. She returned with “Yikes,” a song to remind the world that she is indeed the “Queen” of this rap shit. Nicki chose a pretty minimalistic beat that has already proven to be the next piece of production that every rapper wants to touch.

After Asian Doll and Conway dropped off freestyles, Dreezy returned with her own take on the track. As expected, Dreezy flips the track in her own way and completely bodies the track. She also lends a tribute of sorts to Kobe Bryant and his daughter who got into a fatal helicopter crash. “My momma made me a bad bitch/ Daddy taught me to ball like Gianna,” she raps.

Peep the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I leave the booth, I see death and corpses
Pull up, it’s a Derby race, Lambos, Porsches, and horses
Bro got a 30 under 30, I ain’t talkin’ Forbes list
Pray for my ex, I heard his new bitch rockin’ black forces (sn4orry to that man)


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