New & Hottest Songs – February 2020 – Pt.28

Boldy James & Vince Staples Reunite On Alchemist-Produced “Surf & Turf”

ALC/ / Boldy James

ALC/ / Boldy James

Off Boldy James & The Alchemist’s new collaborative LP, “The Price Of Tea In China.”

Vince Staples wants to remind you that he’s still got bars, so he brought them on his new collaboration with Boldy James, “Surf & Turf”. If there’s any occasion that calls for Vince to reach deep into his bag, it’s Boldy’s new joint LP with The Alchemist. As Earl Sweatshirt once proclaimed in a tweet, “boldy is real top 5 shit; ya favorites’ favorite. tap all the way in.” While his Vince has always been a talented lyricist, his thirst for experimentation has at times led him to prioritize catchy songwriting and cutting-edge production over intricate raps. In a way, “Surf & Turf” marks a return to Vince’s roots. To promote the track, he tweeted, “Sometimes you just gotta bring out the bars to see if you still got it ya know.”

He’s still got it and so does Boldy James and so does The Alchemist. Boldy barring out came make your head spin and Vince came prepared to match his energy. “Autopilot, when I bye-bye losers / Look mama, no hands, look mama, more bands,” Vince spits. Al’s production is immaculate as always.

The Price of Tea In China is a must-listen, as is the Boldface EP that Boldy & Al dropped in December.

Quotable Lyrics

Motherfuck a judge and the courts, club full of dorks
Got it out the mud and my porch
Had to let the love run its course
Cousin up North, plugged in New York

– Boldy James

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