New & Hottest Songs – February 2020 – Pt.25

D Smoke & Ari Lennox Explore The Human Anatomy On New Track “Real Body”

 WoodWorks Records/EMPIRE

WoodWorks Records/EMPIRE

D Smoke & Ari Lennox, a match made in heaven.

D Smoke has officially propelled himself into the realm of mainstream hip-hop with the release of sophomore LP, Black Habits (2020). Prior to the release of his latest musical offering, the Los Angeles-bred musician battled for his position amongst the latest hip-hop newcomers by winning the first season of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow, releasing Inglewood High in 2019, and dropping one of the best freestyles of the year thus far on Power 106 LA. Now, following the release of his initial single, “Top Of The Morning” on the new album, the unveiling of album cuts like “Real Body” featuring Ari Lennox has arrived for his fans to enjoy.

The ambient plucked string guitar and slow tempo of the track allow D Smoke to display his versatility as an artist as he melodically enters the chorus singing rather than barring up the instrumentation. The “No Commas” rapper lyrically explores the physical anatomy of his partner to which he explains his adoration for her flaws, blemishes, and more. The Dreamville songstress joins in on the festivities singing alongside D Smoke on the second hook before gracefully delivering her own verse. The 34-year-old emcee closes out the record exercising his rap skills in both English and Spanish.

Check out the collaborative from D Smoke and Ari Lennox on “Real Body” in the streaming link provided below and listen to the Inglewood musician’s sophomore album, Black Habits, here.

Quotable Lyrics

I see your stripes and you earned ’em from fluctuation
I can’t wait to grip up, that’s enough to play with
We gon’ knock off that stress, I know how your day went
And I love when you top me
Lookin’ down like, “Damn, that shit sloppy”
I’m a nigga, but damn, I be papi
You don’t get it, but I talk that shit ’cause you love to hear it

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