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I Want It

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Herbo closes his new album as it starts: with raw confession.

G Herbo finally released Sessions on Friday. He had been promoting the album all the year, but doing so under the title PTSD. Now that we have the songs in our possession, it’s clear why he initially planned on calling it that. Sessions shows Herbo at his most vulnerable, opening up about street life, fallen family members and incarcerated friends. “MY ALBUM IS GOING TO SHED LIGHT ON THE THINGS THAT ME AND MY BROTHERS EXPERIENCE EVERY DAY,” Herbo tweeted over the summer. “THIS IS GOING TO BE THE REALEST ALBUM IVE EVER DROPPED AND IMA TELL IT LIKE IT IS.”

Every song on Sessions reflects this assertion. The closing track, “I Want It, is certainly no exception. The parallel between a therapy session and a studio session has been made before and Herbo shows how cathartic it can be to unload all your troubles on wax. Many rappers have done this before, but Herbo raps with a growl that makes his purging feel incredibly powerful. When he falls off beat, it’s as if there’s an urgency to his confessions that don’t allow him to be solely concerned with musicality.

Quotable Lyrics

We in Timbs and shit, drippin’ butter on ’em
Put my verse back twice, thought I stuttered on ’em
Smack the fuck out it twice, yeah, I stunted on ’em
See, that forty flash light full of thunder on ’em

G Herbo
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Travis Scott & Don Toliver Lead A Drug Rap Symphony On “WHAT TO DO?”

Cactus Jack / Atlantic

Cactus Jack / Atlantic

Upon first hearing Don Toliver’s verse on Travis Scott‘s “CAN’T SAY”, it was hard not to be instantly hooked and incredibly intrigued. Who was this uncredited artist with the unique vocal tone, dynamic inflections and range of creative flows? Even after you did some searching and discovered that it was none other than Don Toliver – a Houston artist signed to Travis’ Catcus Jack Records – he probably still remained a mysterious figure. You’d think after having one of the standout verses on the critically-acclaimed and commercially-success ASTROWORLD, he would quickly start buzzing, but not much was heard from him. You listened to his sole project on streaming services, the 2018 mixtape Donny Womack, and realized his potential. If you stayed tuned in to Donny T in 2019, you would be bumping two excellent singles he put out, “Situation” and “No Idea”, which largely flew under the radar.

Now, Travis Scott has released the first Cactus Jack Records compilation tape, JACKBOYS, and it’s finally Don Toliver’s time to shine. He knocks all three of his performances on there out of the park. “WHAT TO DO?” is a dramatic duet between him and Travis. They both effusively sing about still being fucked up the morning after. It’s the kind of grandiose ode to banal events that Travis thrives at making and Don Toliver proves to be a perfect companion for that endeavour. There’s an ominous synth breakdown and washed-out guitar solo that takes a page out of the Mike Dean playbook (unless he’s responsible for it) to render “WHAT TO DO?” a drug rap masterpiece.

Quotable Lyrics

I woke up on the seventeenth
Drunk as hell, you tellin’ me
I was in the club, full of jealousy
Damn near caught a felony

– Don Toliver