Hottest Songs – November 2019 – Pt.22

Dave East & Lil Baby Go Dark On “Night Shift”


Dave East and Lil Baby spit some bars.

Though Dave East has always kept unapologetic New York energy, his credentials extend well beyond the Big Apple. As such, his brand new album Survival features a diverse cast of supporting players, including Atlanta’s own Lil Baby. We’ve already seen Dave and Gunna link up for a magnificent Karma 2 highlight, so there’s a certain inevitability surrounding the ominous “Night Shift.” East and Baby’s distinctive styles complement one another rather nicely, and each emcee takes to the up-tempo instrumental with a sense of purpose.East, one of the game’s most reliable lyricists, sets it off with a dexterous verse. “I got like nine bitches in the Sprinter, I just got some head, she just wanted dinner,” he raps. “Half my n***s dead, half of ’em in the prison.” A reminder that while he came from the struggle, he’s almost certainly reaping a reward or two in his current state. Lil Baby closes the track, matching East’s intensity with a melodic flow; at this stage, Baby has proven himself time and time again, to the point where even the bar-spitters are reaching out.

Quotable Lyrics

I got like nine bitches in the Sprinter
I just got some head, she just wanted dinner
Half my n***s dead, half of ’em in the prison
Forty on me handle business
I ain’t got no time to think about the witness
Leave ’em in the river, wakin’ up with fishes
I get all my diamonds from the district


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