Last week, Megan Thee Stallion and Trey Songz kicked it along with Jordyn Woods and any other unknown members of their entourage. While the hang out sounds pretty normal, despite people commenting on the age gap between Trey, 34, and Megan, 24, there was one aspect of the night that has sent fans of both artists into quite a conversation on Twitter.

Jordy C-137@ProBlackBuilt

Y’all see a 10 second clip of Trey offering Meg a shot. She puts her hand up to decline. He pulls the bottle away from her and asks “you don’t want to drive the boat?” and y’all saying that’s rapey? Mean while her friend screaming for her to drink more

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In the clip below, you can see the “Slow Motion” singer trying to get Megan to down another shot A.K.A “drive the boat.” Megan declines the drink while her surrounding friends continue to egg her on. The video ends with Megan’s face looking pretty annoyed by the number of voices telling her to do one thing.

glo grl.@demondoII

not meg crashed da boat.

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The online conversation is surrounded on consent and the duo’s age difference. “Trey Songz needs to keep his full grown ass away from Megan and Jordyn fr fr! Like ima need him to GET THE FUCK! ASAP!” one user wrote

However, there’s an even greater amount of online users who are calling out a double standard when it comes to the recent link-up. “Aye how old is Trey Songz? How old is Megan? Y’all would have a problem with it if the roles were reversed,” a user added.

Trey has been labelled a “creep” and “predator” by other fans who seemingly aren’t changing their minds on Trey’s choice of partying. Peep more reactions below and let us know what you think.  

Kariah 🥰🥰@MmmmChoclit

The difference is…..There is consent when Megan does it..they aren’t drunk and their cohesive when they do it… Meg is.clearly off her ass..and doesn’t want to drink more and the fact that Trey and whoever is in the background tryna push that on her ….it’s a problem 

hope carter.@Hope_Carter
Replying to @NY_Wiseass

Wait isn’t Megan known for this exact thing – pouring alcohol in people’s mouths who don’t wanna drink more? Nothing is creepy about this video. Trey just looks drunk. Like everyone else in the video.

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Y’all think it’s weird that Trey Songz (34) is kicking it with Jordyn Woods (22) and Megan thee Stallion (24)? If so, why?

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@CJLuxureeee on IG@HeyMrsJay

But I just want to say that there was a lot of talk about Trey Songz being too old to be around Jordyn and Megan…and can I just say I don’t condone it, but I understand?

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Blerd Talk 👨🏿‍🏫@AntravisBisou

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with Trey Songz hanging out with Megan? Why are y’all calling him a predator? Y’all big wilding.

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