Hottest Songs – November 2019 – Pt.2

Earl Sweatshirt Gets In His Experimental Bag On “EAST”

Image via Earl Sweatshirt

Image via Earl Sweatshirt

Earl had a lot to get off his chest on this one.

Since the release of 2018’s Some Rap SongsEarl Sweatshirt has cemented himself as one of the premier experimental hip-hop artists in the game. With his unorthodox production and solid flow, Earl is able to put together some interesting soundscapes that always have fans clamoring for more.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Earl announced a brand new seven-track project called Feet of Clay and today, it dropped. The album is quite short and one of the standouts is called “EAST.” It’s clear he has a lot to say on this song as he delves into some pretty personal issues throughout the lyrics. Not to mention, the beat reminds us of a circus show as the loop keeps repeating for the full 1:59 runtime.

Based on the beat, the track might not be for everyone but if you’re Earl fan, you will certainly appreciate the ambition.

Quotable Lyrics:

Double back when you got it made
30 racks of weed, no fat in the collard greens
Off top was me - no cap, I don’t bottle things
Flashin’ grandmama rings on her fingers
I’m fond of them things

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