Hottest Songs – November 2019 – Pt.13

Kanye West’s “Selah” Is What You Need This Sunday


Kanye West’s previously teased “Selah” is a highlight off of “Jesus Is King.”

Jesus Is King actually arrived on Friday despite the minor delay. Admittedly, it was surprising that an album from Kanye actually arrived at all. As the title suggests, the album is very much gospel-based, although Kanye is rapping his ass off, maybe even more so than on ye. One song in particular that people have been waiting for was Kanye’s “Selah.” The song was previewed in a trailer a few days ago and arrived in its complete form on Friday with the rest of the album. Despite his rediscovery of the Christian faith, the Kanye-isms are still there. In the first few bars, he’s already detailing yelling at his chauffeur at heaven’s gates with “perfect composure.”

Make sure you check out the rest of Jesus Is King here.

Quotable Lyrics
Po’ the lean out slowa
God is clean out of soda
Before the flood, people judged
They did the same thing to Noah


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