Kanye West Is Updating Mixes Of “Jesus Is King” On Streaming Services

Kanye West’s Engineer Mike Dean Offers Cruel “Jesus Is King” Update
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“Jesus Is King” is getting the “Life of Pablo” treatment.

Kanye West’ new album, Jesus Is King, missed its midnight deadline on Thursday due to the mixing for some of the songs not being completed. While JIK still ended up dropping on Friday morning, it appears Kanye was still not fully satisfied with the sound of that product. He is now uploading new versions of some tracks on streaming services.

According to HHNM, Kanye is trying to make some of the vocals sound crisper than before. While listeners may have noticed that songs on Jesus Is King had a somewhat rugged lo-fi feel to them, apparently this was not a stylistic choice. Now that streaming offers the luxury of continually updating a project after its been released, Ye is smoothing out these edges. “Follow God” has been altered to have clearer quality. Pusha T’s verse on “Use This Gospel” and Ant Clemons’ vocals on “Everything We Need” have been given a similar treatment. If you delete the album from your library and re-download, you should receive the latest edits of JIK.


Anyone else notice changes? https://twitter.com/miketcsi/status/1187959552022581248 


@TeamKanyeDaily they’re Pablo-ing JIK. Follow God is cleaned up, On God is tweaked a bit, and UTG is cleaned up a bit as well

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You might remember Kanye making similar changes to Life Of Pablo, which he referred to as a “living breathing changing creative expression.” How do you feel about this process? Should a project stay the way it is once its released to the world?

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