Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” Has Arrived In Full Glory

Young Thug Asks Kanye West If His Verse “About The Devil” Is Still On “Jesus Is King”
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On the twenty-fifth day…

It started with “Jesus Walks.” It evolved, or devolved depending on who’s asked, on “I Am A God.” Sunday Service solidified the movement as something tangible, an admittedly far cry from the days of “I’m In It.” And yet all signs point to a new man of God, one that seems wholly dedicated to paying homage to the Big Man upstairs to the best of his ability. In that regard, all roads have led right here, to the oft-delayed-but-finally-present Jesus Is King. 

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Following Ye, and the Surgical Summer at large was a deceptively challenging task. Though many felt his Wyoming-inspired project fell short of his own lofty standards, the greater artistic movement and Yeezy’s triumphant return to the producer’s chair was relatively well-received. Yet going into the rollout of Yandhi, which eventually transformed into what we have today, the idea of a full-fledged gospel album proved a bridge too far for some listeners. Still, we’ve come this far, and Kanye has proven himself to be consistently a creative, if a little prone to non-sequitur, brand of preacher.

So, here we stand. Ready to press play on Jesus Is King. It’s not quite Sunday Service, but with a little imagination and a whole lotta abstinence, it might come close.

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