Kanye West Shares “Jesus Is King” Delay Update; Rapper Spotted With Choir At World Trade Center

Kanye West “Jesus Is King” Details Revealed After Album Release Party
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He did it again.

It’s currently 1:00 a.m. in the Pacific Time Zone and as many of you have noticed, Kanye West didn’t drop his album. Fans have been anticipating the release of Jesus is King for quite some time, and when it was shared that the record would find it’s way to streaming services on September 27, millions of people around the world stayed up until midnight to make sure they were able to listen to the project as soon as it dropped.

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Unfortunately, that day came and went, and although Kim Kardashian took to social media to share that Jesus Is King would come that Sunday, we didn’t receive it then, either. October 25 would later be the named as the coveted release date for Jesus Is King, and fans were sure that Kanye wouldn’t pull another move like hyping up a record only to not release it at midnight. He would never do that twice in a row. Right?

After midnight in the Eastern Time Zone was a miss, fans still awaited the gospel-centered project. Kanye has sat down with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 and premiered his record at The Forum in Los Angeles to an audience of thousands, so it was believed that he wouldn’t renege on his promise. Then, over an hour after Ye said Jesus Is King would be available to the masses, he offered an update.



To my fans

Thank you for being loyal & patient

We are specifically fixing mixes on “Everything We Need” “Follow God” & “Water”

We not going to sleep until this album is out!

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“To my fans. Thank you for being loyal & patient. We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need’ ‘Follow God’ & ‘Water.’ We not going to sleep until this album is out!” There were a few fans who supported Kanye’s need for perfection and shared on social media that as a creative, he should take all the time he needs. However, the masses didn’t align with that sentiment and decided to show just how frustrated they were with being fooled once again.

Mysteriously, New Yorkers began tweeting that there was something Kanye-oriented happening at the World Trade Center station. The rapper, along with his 100+ person choir, was captured making his way through the building. Professional cameras were on the scene and security made sure to keep prying eyes at bay. Check out a few tweets about the sighting, along with a few scathing reactions about Jesus Is King‘s delay, below.


It’s the oculus and that is not anything Kanye related he ain’t going in there lol https://twitter.com/theyeezymafia/status/1187571284349206528 




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Carlos ⚡️@cs_g23

GTFO I’m on my way to the oculus nigga

Carlos ⚡️@cs_g23

Y’all thought I was playing

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Reddit HipHopHeads 💭@RedditHipHop

(Note: Turn Volume On!) Kanye West ‘s new album release night Sunday Service seems to be getting filmed here at Oculus NYC. He appears to be mixing the album live. Still set for release tonight! Follow and check our page for updates.

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Reddit HipHopHeads 💭@RedditHipHop

Kanye West has arrived at Oculus NYC for his release night Sunday Service performance! (Note: Turn Volume Up!) His new album is expected to drop when the event begins. May not be long now. Follow and check our page for updates!

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Orlando Castaneda@lando924

They just did a walkthrough to make sure they have the right camera angles…shits about to get real

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Reddit HipHopHeads 💭@RedditHipHop

Reports coming in that Kanye West may be staging some kind of release event at Oculus NYC. Large security and police presence on site have suggested that Kanye West is filming there 2-3am tonight. This would coincide with a 12am Pacific Time release. Stay tuned.

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walking through Oculus to get the Path train home and 98% sure Kanye is doing something for his new album here?.. whole production crew, subways blocked off, playing Kanye music, “no one knows” what’s going on?

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Declan Massey💽@DeclanMassey808

Kanye at the world trade centre just now

So is the album finished?? @KanyeSource @KanyePodcast

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Kanye has arrived at the Oculus Plaza. https://twitter.com/asapteo/status/1187618121072418816 



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Steven Vampatella@stevenvamp

Me after believing Kanye would actually drop for real this time

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B.Wright 〽️@brazzybran

Kanye 5 minutes before he was about to release

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Now we know why Kanye ain’t dropping tonight

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me when i trusted kanye and the album ain’t drop

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Malcolm From The North@MalcolmFromTheN

12:01 AM

No Kanye album.

Y’all for another week in a row:

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