Kanye West Calls God His “Daddy” In Legendary Big Boy Interview

Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” Interview With Zane Lowe Is Live
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Kanye West has done it again.

Though Jesus Is King is nowhere to be found, at least we’ll have something equally entertaining to tide us over. An interview between Kanye West and Big Boy, who might very well be the game’s reigning interview champ, has revealed itself. It doesn’t take long to realize that Mr. West is in fine form. “I told you, I’m only afraid of God!” cries Kanye, after Big Boy inquires about the possibility of losing his audience. “I’m only afraid of my daddy!” A hilarious soundbite to be sure, but not only that. It’s yet another example of why Yeezy is held so close to our hearts, endearing even when his eloquence may fail him.

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Big Boy: Are you afraid of losing your audience Ye? @BigBoy

Kanye: I told you I’m only afraid of GOD, I’m afraid of my daddy, God. @kanyewest

Full interview @ 7:20am @BBNcrew tune in!

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He also claims that Instagram has women, and the population at large, in a proverbial chokehold. “Instagram got your Bih,” he says, leaving us wondering whether he follows his family on the platform. “They gon’ do it for the Gram before they do it for you. Social media doing more to hurt families to help families.” When Big Boy addresses the elephant in the room, Kanye deflects with a laugh, leaving the question more or less hanging. He does, however, confirm suspicions that servitude to Satan indeed led him to collaborate with Lil Pump on the raunchy “I Love It.”

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“Instagram got your b*tch…social media doing more to hurt families and families are the key to health” @kanyewest x @BigBoy full interview today at 7:20am @BBNcrew tune in!

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The entire interview continues along those lines, with many classic Ye soundbites, insight into his unique and innovative mind, and of course, the potential for endless memes. Though we may sometimes laugh at his antics, Kanye interviews are generally fascinating to behold, and you can’t deny the wonderful career he has built for himself. Be sure to watch this one now, especially if you’re invested in the man, the myth, the legend. Look for Jesus Is King to arrive by end of day, if we’re lucky. 

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