Hottest Songs – October 2019 – Pt.39

Logic Embraces A Softer Vibe On “OCD” With Dwn2earth


Logic gets real about depression on the track.

Announcing a few weeks ago that his next project would serve as a sequel to his highly-celebrated Under PressureLogic is officially back with his new single “OCD.” On the first track that we get to hear off of No Pressure, Logic gets real about mental health and depression, also diving into the perils of social media and how people will do anything for some quick clout, forgetting that artists are humans too. Linking up with Atlanta’s Dwn2earth, “OCD” has a softer vibe than much of Bobby’s catalog, perhaps guiding us into a new zone for the platinum recording artist.

Stay tuned for more information on Logic’s upcoming project and let us know what you think of this one. Out now in select international markets, “OCD” will impact global streaming services at midnight.

Quotable Lyrics:

“Oh, shit, it’s Logic! Can I have a picture?” They don’t give a damn
Soon as they see me, they clench the device that’s in they hand
Don’t even say hello, more like, “Can I get one for the ‘Gram?”
That’s when I be like, “Fuck no, but you can shake my hand
Let’s have a conversation, talk about life man-to-man
You disappointed, I can read your body language like a paragraph”
“Logic, yeah, that’s cool and all, but I’d much prefer a photograph
I mean, can I have a photograph?”
Goddamn, all these people nowadays are so unusual
They’d rather snap a pic with you to go get more likes than usual

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